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Posted on 03-29-2011

     Your customer base is the lifeblood of your organization.  Customer retention is facilitated when your customer has a good experience with your business.  Building systems into your business that contribute and encourage a consistent good customer experience is an excellent strategy for business growth.
      Expecting excellence from all employees in your business is essential to assure a good customer experience with each customer touch point. .  Employee performance at a mediocre level is ordinary and barely adequate.  Your customer's tolerance level for mediocrity may not be as flexible or forgiving as your management may be.   Building a culture of excellence in your organization is another excellent strategy for business growth.
     For example, a restaurant that serves good food consistently usually has a regular customer following.  Yet, no matter how good the food is, if the service becomes poor, the customer will not have a good experience as expected.  Likewise, if the service is excellent, but the cook prepares the food poorly, or does not meet expectations, the customer does not have a good experience.  The customer expects excellence from the business, regardless of the employee.  The product and the service have to meet expectations for the customer to have a good experience.
The customer experience is a sum total of the product or service of the business.  It is not a line item event.  
     I have walked into a business many times as a customer, when I feel as though I am intruding on the employee's conversation or interrupting their work.   That happens when the employee put themselves in First Place and the customer in Second Place.  Customers always want to be in First Place.  
     So who do your employees serve?  If your employees serve themselves, you probably have mediocre service and poor customer retention.  On the other hand, if your employees treat the customers like they are in First Place and serve the client, the client's experience will tend to be a good one.  
     You can't expect your customer to distinguish between good or bad employees; every employee represents your business and ultimately you, as a Business owner hire and train your employees.  You are directly responsible for your customer's experience even though you may not directly interact with your customer.
     While not every employee has contact with your customer, the result of their work does.  The entire organization has to be customer conscious or customer centric so that your client always can expect to have a good experience when engaging with your business
      As a business owner, do you know what your customer's experience is with your business?   

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